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Wouldn't it be great to be in Moda, Göksu, or Riva right now? Ah, Istanbul! Is a single lifetime long enough to experience the whole of you?

Life in 1st and Phase

Eight blocks of homes in three different configurations await you at Phase 1 of 3. Istanbul.
Phase 1 is a circle of blocks featuring green areas, social areas, and sports fields. The blocks circle the common areas, creating a feeling of privacy.
Phase 1 also features separate social facilities for men and women.

Moda Blocks

The 2+1 and 3+1 Moda Block apartments are perfect for newlyweds with no children and small families. There are five Moda Blocks in Phase 1.

Göksu Blocks

The 4+1 Göksu Block apartments are ideal for large families. There will be two Göksu Blocks in Phase 1.

Riva Blocks

Riva Block's 3+1 apartments will provide the spacious living area that families need. There will be one Riva Block in Phase 1.

Life in 3rd Phase

3rd Phase of 3. İstanbul will impress you with its architectural design, the very first moment you see it.
3rd pahse will have 10 blocks with 3 different types. With its parks, open plan sport areas and reflection pools you will find what you are looking for and more in 3rd phase.
In the 3rd phase there will also be indoor leisure centres seperate form men and woman.

Sarayburnu Blocks

The 2+1 and 3+1 Sarayburnu Block apartments where Life flows fast. There will be four Sarayburnu Blocks, perfect for newlyweds.

Kilyos Blocks

The 3+1 and 4+1 Kilyos Block apartments are designed for families with children. There will be four Kilyos Blocks at Phase 1.

Emirgan Blocks

The Emirgan Block 5+1 apartments are specially designed for three-generation families all living together. There will be two Emirgan Blocks in Phase 2.

Grand Residence

Grand Residence will be a choice for those who wish to live at the top. With options up to 4+1, its residency services include dry cleaning, reception area, and stores

There will be 79 apartments that can be used as home office at Grand Residence.

3. İstanbul Mall

3. Istanbul Mall offers outdoor shopping, cafes, and restaurants, and boasts modern architecture and distinguished design. It's the perfect meeting spot for residents of 3. Istanbul.

Trade Street

In Istanbul, where the life of a lively city will be, the trade life will also be very active.

97 street shops facing the main road will be the meeting point for everyone. 3. Istanbul Shopping Center has 95 shops and 84 offices, 20 shops in Grand Residence, 3. Istanbul Trade Street, waiting for those who want to win in business life.

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