Now There is Another İstanbul!

A different city...

Here's Istanbul!
Magnificent and spectacular Istanbul!
We thank the Creator a million times for this beauty.
Who could dare to describe its beauty?
It's a moment when words fall short and the narrator becomes speechless.
Istanbul packs many worlds into a single moment.
“Dersaadet,” the city of happiness...
“Islambol,” the city of Islam...

In Mehmed the Conqueror's words:
“Either I conquer Istanbul or Istanbul conquers me...”

A different story...

“Keep quiet in order to hear,” said Shams. Istanbul has a lot to say to those who listen, and know enough to listen. This is why the poet listens to Istanbul with eyes closed.

A whole different story remains hidden in Istanbul in the call to prayer as it rises to the heavens from the four minerates of the Süleymaniye Mosque. It's in the crow of a seagull, the horn of a ship plowing through the fog, and in the frantic footsteps in the Grand Bazaar and Galata…
It captures the listener and the narrator.

A different time...

At some point, fatigue falls onto the shoulders of this city. At some point, fatigue falls onto the shoulders of this city. homes with oriel windows of the marks ingrained on their bodies over the years, isn't it time to walk away?
But walk away to where?

Necip Fazıl who said what many have felt: “Istanbul, my precious one... My country, oh my country.” How could people just go and leave the country where their roots are?

That's when it's time to look for a different Istanbul. A different Istanbul must start with a clean slate. It's a place that inherits the best of Istanbul but comes to life with brand new energy and enthusiasm...

A whole different Istanbul... 3. Istanbul!

This is a road that embraces the past as a legacy and sets out with confidence to the future.
You are at a place where a brand new Istanbul is born, where a fresh breath springs to life, and a whole new life begins to burgeon.
Welcome to 3. Istanbul.

Because Istanbul deserves the best.

Istanbul must always be as spoiled and cherished as a delicate lover...

A new, grand project worthy of Istanbul’s magnificence is arriving to complement the 3rd Bridge, the 3rd Airport, and other such projects.

The largest project in Başakşehir: The 3. Istanbul. It rises to add value and grace to Istanbul.

An Istanbul fairy tale...

Once upon a time... There was a different Istanbul, within and beyond Istanbul...

3. Istanbul promises to be a brand new Istanbul fairy tale, one to be told for generations. Its parks blend blue and green in harmony, its lively squares fill your soul with joy, its long-awaited neighborhood culture greets you in a friendly voice.

All roads will lead to the 3. Istanbul!

Wherever I go, I harbor a love for Istanbul...
Wherever I go, it’s the closest to my heart...

3. Istanbul is very close to the city’s main hubs, businesses, and residential neighborhoods. It’s also right between the Atatürk Airport and the 3rd Airport.

3. Istanbul promises to be a sensation with investors, with easy access to public transportation, the metro, tram, and buses.
3. Istanbul invites you to a live at the center of the city and of life.

Europe's largest botanical park will be your backyard!

What's immersed in the flowers' scent is the pleasure of the Tulip Era...

You'll forget that you live in a city.
3. Istanbul will be right next to the Botanical Park and its
generous display of nature's most beautiful colors.

The Botanical Garden, set to be Europe's largest, will be
built on 368,000 square meters. And it will be right in your
back yard so you can indulge in pleasant walks among nature's wonders.

The greatest valley of

Blue sky...Blue sea...And the bluest of all is Istanbul's intense depth that draws you in...

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healthiest project!

Eminönü, Sultanahmet, Beyazıt...Wherever you look, Istanbul is filled with parks.

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City Square
challenges you to bring it on!

“Nothing in the world is better than good health.” --Suleiman the Magnificent

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Layout Pan

It's a fairy tale life in Istanbul...

  • Walking track
  • Basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Mini soccer field
  • Children's play areas
  • Lounge
  • PlayStation room
  • Pool table and table tennis room
  • Hobby workshop
  • Swimming pool
  • Spa

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